Antistatic ESD Table Mat Sets on Size

Antistatic ESD Table Mat PVC Vinyl Rubber Grounding Static Control Mats for Workbench Work Station Kit

ESD Table Mats Sets - ESD Vinyl Mats.

AES has a wide range of ESD table mat Sets available in flexible vinyl material, as well as rigid ESD table mats are ESD products and static control equipment serving the high-tech industry.
ESD Rubber and PVC mats offer resistance to hot solder and chemicals and feature two layers - a static dissipative top and a black conductive bottom.

ESD vinyl table mats are suitable for general electronics assembly and are available in 2-layer mat or single layer homogeneous material.  Both ESD rubber mats and vinyl mats are available in rolls or ESD work surface mat kits which include a ground snap and common point ground.

If you have special ESD mat requirements, AES can cut mats to special sizes.


  According to standard: IEC 61340

HS Code : 39269097

AntiStatic ESD Table Mat Set 600 x 450 x 2,0 mm (especially for CPUs)

HS Code : 39269097

AntiStatic ESD Table mat set, 900 x 610 x 2 mm, platinum grey, resistant to soldering tin.

HS Code : 39269097

AntiStatic ESD Table Mats set, 800 x 600 x 1,5 mm, black, resistant to soldering tin.

HS Code : 39269097

ESD Field Service Kit set, foldable, workbench pad, 500 x 400 x 0.5 mm,
electrically ...

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