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  • Getting familiar with the phenomenon "Electro Static Discharge (ESD)"
  • Identifying the damage that ESD can cause
  • Learning methods to prevent ESD damage
  • History
  • ESD, what is it?... And what are:
    • Electrostatic charges
    • Electrostatic discharges
    • ESD damage
    • ESD damage models
    • How to prevent ESD damage?
    • Why now also aggregates?
    • Latest ESD Trends

You certainly do not have to work in a cleanroom to work ESD safe. However, there are a number of measures which should be taken care of:

  1. The EPA work has been done and will therefore be contaminated. It is very important to clean the ESD floor in a proper manner by using the correct cleaning products. It's better (safer) just to use only water to mop the floor or use an ESD-safe detergent.
  2. Clothing: An item that is all too often neglected but is a very important part in your link of ESD safe working. This ESD clothing will ensure that electrostatic loads on your body and clothing will be shielded from your sensitive components.

How far should you go in here.. this will have to show your risk analysis.
Here is a list of extras that you can implement over time:

ESD-ChairsESD-CleaningESD FootwearESD-ShoesESD-Furniture
ESD-GarmentESD-Office SuppliesESD-Packing / ShippingESD-Personal Grounding
ESD-Storage & warehousingESD-Test / Measuring EquipmentESD-WorkbenchesESD-Workstation Products

"Measuring is knowledge" "ESD standards" - "don't live by them, implement them"

  • IEC 61340-2-1 Measurement methods - Ability of materials and products to dissipate static electric charge.
  • IEC/TR 61340-2-2 Measurement methods - Measurement of chargeability.
  • IEC 61340-2-3 Methods of test for determining the resistance and resistivity of solid planar materials used to avoid electrostatic charge accumulation.
  • IEC 61340-3-1 Methods for simulation of electrostatic effects - Human body model (HBM) - Component testing.
  • IEC 61340-3-2 Methods for simulation of electrostatic effects - Machine model (MM) - Component testing.
  • IEC 61340-4-1 Standard test methods for specific applications - Electrical resistance of floor coverings and installed floors.
  • IEC 61340-4-3 Standard test methods for specific applications - Footwear.
  • IEC 61340-4-5 Standard test methods for specific applications - Methods for characterizing the electrostatic protection of footwear and flooring in combination with a person.
  • IEC 61340-5-1 Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena - General requirements.
  • IEC/TS 61340-5-2 Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena - User guide.

If you're in need of assistance or if you have any questions regarding ESD,
don't hesitate, and contact dr. J.S.Brun
 for support! 

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